Karaokê Get Money - Junior M.A.F.I.A. feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Lil' Kim

Esta música é uma versão de Get Money, popularizada por Junior M.A.F.I.A.
feat. Lil' Kim & The Notorious B.I.G.

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Com coros (com ou sem vozes na versão KFN)

Tonalidade idêntica ao original: Sol


Ano de lançamento: 1995
Estilos: Rap & Hip-Hop, Em inglês
Autor Original: Sylvia Denise Striplin, Roy Ayers, James Bedford, Kimberly Jones, Christopher Wallace

Todos os arquivos disponíveis para download são playbacks, e não as músicas originais.

Letra Get Money

Want it, uh
Check it out
You wanna sip Mo' on my livin' room flo'
Play Nintendo with Cease and Nino
Pick up my phone say
Poppa not home
Sex all night mad head in the morn'
Spin my V smoke all my weed
Tattoo on titties sayin' B.I.G. now check it
You wanna be my main squeeze baby, don't ya
You wanna give me what I need baby, won't ya
Picture life as my wife
Just think
Full length mink fat X and O links
Bracelets to match conversation was all that
Showed you the safe combinations and all that
Guess you could say you'se the one I trusted
Who would ever think that you would spread like mustard
Shit got hot you sent Feds to my spot
Took me to court tried to take all I got
'Nother intricate plot the bitch said I raped her
Damn, why she wanna stick me for my paper
My Moschino hoe my Versace hottie
Come to find out you was fuckin' everybody
You knew about me the fake ID
Cases in Virginia body in D.C
Woah, always me that's what I get for trickin'
Came out on bail commence the ass-kickin'
Look in the door wavin' the four four
All you heard was
Poppa don't hit me no more
Disrespect my clique my shit's imperial
Fuck around and made her milk box material
You feel me, suckin' dick runnin' your lips 'cos of you
I'm on some real fuck-a-bitch shit, uh
What, uh
Niggas, better grab a seat
Grab on your dick as this bitch gets deep
Deeper than the pussy of a bitch six feet
Stiff dicks feel sweet in this little petite
Young bitch from the street guaranteed to stay down
Used to bring work outta town on Greyhound
Now I'm Billboard bound niggas press to hit it
Play me like a chicken thinkin' I'm pressed to get it
Rather do the killin' than the stick-up juxs
Rather count a million while you eat my pussy
Push me to the limit get my feelings in it
Get me open while I'm cummin' down your throat then
You wanna be my main squeeze nigga, don't ya
You wanna lick between my knees, nigga
Don't ya wanna see me whippin' your three down the Ave
Blow up spots on bitches because I'm mad
Break up affairs lick shots in the air
You get vexed and start swinging everywhere
Me shifty
Now you wanna pistol whip me
Pull out your nine while I cock on mine
Yeah what, nigga
I ain't got time for this
So what, nigga
I'm not tryin' to hear that shit
Now you wanna buy me diamonds and Armani suits
Adrienne Vittadini and Chanel nine boots
Things that make up for all the games and the lies
Hallmark cards sayin' I apologize
Is you with me
How could you ever deceive me
But payback's a bitch motherfucker, believe me
Nah, I ain't gay this ain't no lesbo flow
Just a lil' somethin' to let you motherfuckers know

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