Posso usar suas pistas instrumentais para apresentações públicas?

Use of our tracks is permitted under the following conditions:

Public events

Use of Versao Karaoke tracks for one-time public audiences and other performances is allowed.

However, we'd like to remind you that in order to be legally compliant, you must receive an official agreement from your national music rights management office (PRS For Music in the UK for example).

In the case of a non-commercial private event, use of soundtracks is, of course, allowed and unrestricted.

Other uses (Recording/Streaming/Broadcasting...)

Please get in touch with our team in order to better assess your situation.

Keep in mind that it is mandatory to file for a written authorization prior to the recording of any of our soundtracks.

Use of any one of our available tracks, without prior agreement, is a violation of a French Law dated July 3, 1985 and International Conventions.

Be aware that Moral Copyright allows songwriters and composers to forbid any re-use of their work deemed not to respect the original design.

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