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Karaokê 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted - 2Pac & Snoop Dogg

Esta música é uma versão de 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted, popularizada por 2Pac

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Com coros (com ou sem vozes na versão KFN)

Tempo idêntico ao original: 99.28 BPM

Tonalidade idêntica ao original: Mi♭m

Duração: 04:11 - Visualizar: 01:55


Ano de lançamento: 1996
Estilos: Rap & Hip-Hop, Em inglês
Autor Original: Delmer Drew Arnaud, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac

Todos os arquivos disponíveis para download são playbacks, e não as músicas originais.

Letra 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted

Up out of there
Ha ha ha ha ha
Hey, light
Hey, light that up
Why you actin' like that
Aah shit you done fucked up now
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
You done put two of
America's most wanted
Huh in the same motherfuckin' place at the same motherfuckin' time
Heh heh ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha
Y'all niggas about to feel this
Break out the champagne glasses and the motherfuckin' condoms
Have one on us, a'ight
A toast to the gangsters
Picture perfect
I paint a perfect picture bombin' hoochies with precision my intention's to get richer
With the S-N double-O-P
Dogg, my fuckin' homie
You's a cold-ass nigga on them hogs
Sho 'nuff
I keep my hand on my gun 'cos they got me on the run
Now I'm back in the courtroom waitin' on the outcome
Free 2Pac is all that's on a nigga's mind
But at the same time it seems they tryin' to take mine
So I'ma get smart and get defensive and shit
And put together Million March
Ha ha ha
So now they got us laced for some gangsta shit
Two multi-millionaire motherfuckers catchin' cases
Bitches, get ready for the throw down the shit's about to go down
Me and Snoop about to clown
Ha ha
I'm losin' my religion
I'm vicious on these stool pigeons
You might be deep in this game but you got the rules missin'
Niggas be actin' like they savage they out to get the cabbage
I've got nothin' but love for my niggas livin' lavish
I've got a pit named Petey she Nigerino
I've got a house out in the hills right next to Chino
And I think I've got a black Bimmer
But my dream is to own a fly casino like Bugsy Siegel
Ha ha
And do it all legal
And get scooped up by the
Yeah little homie in the Regal, hmm
It feels good to you, baby-bubba
You see, this is for the G's
G's, keys and the keys, motherfucker
Now, follow as we ride
Motherfuck the rest
Hmm hmm two of the best from the Westside
And I can make you famous
Niggas been dyin' for years
So how can they blame us so how can they blame us
I live in fear of a felony
I never stop bailin' these
Motherfuckin' G's motherfuckin' G's
If you got it, better flaunt it
Another warrant two of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Nothin' but a gangsta party
Nothin' but a gangsta party
It ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party
Nothin' but a gangsta party
It ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party
Now give me fifty feet defeat is not my destiny
Release me to the streets and keep whatever's left of me
Jealousy is misery suffery is greed
And better be prepared when you cowards fuck with me
I bust and flee
These niggas must be crazy, what
There ain't no mercy motherfuckers who can fade the thug, ha ha ha
You thought it was, but it wasn't
Now disappear
Bow down in the presence of a boss player
It's like, Cuh, Blood, gang-bangin'
Everybody in the party doin' dope-slangin'
You gotta have paper in this world
You might get your first
It's about
Mad snatch before your eyes swirl
You doin' your job
You doin' your job every day and then you work so hard 'till your hair turn gray
Let me tell you 'bout life and 'bout the way it is
You see, we live by the gun so we die by the guns, kid
They tell me not to roll with my Glock
So now I got a throw-away floatin' in the black Benz tryin' to do a show a day
They wonder how I live with five shots
Niggas is hard to kill on my block
Schemes for currency and dough-related
Affiliated with the hustlers so we made it
No answers to questions
I'm tryin' to get up on it
My nigga, Dogg, and me eternally the most wanted
Nothin' but a gangsta party
It ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party
Nothin' but a gangsta party
It ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party
Nothin' but a gangsta party
It ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party
Nothin' but a gangsta party
It ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party
Where you at, where you at
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Here it is, bitch
Huh huh huh
Death Row

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