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Karaokê I Got It Made - Special Ed

Esta música é uma versão de I Got It Made, popularizada por Special Ed

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Tempo idêntico ao original: 95 BPM

Tonalidade idêntica ao original: Dóm

Duração: 03:42 - Visualizar: 01:23

Ano de lançamento: 1989
Estilos: Rap & Hip-Hop, Em inglês
Autor Original: Preston Eric Joyner, Howard A Thompson, Special Ed, Jack C Hill, Robert L Beavers, Dennis Jerome Taylor

Todos os arquivos disponíveis para download são playbacks, e não as músicas originais.

Letra I Got It Made

I'm your idol the highest title, numero uno
I'm not a Puerto Rican but I'm speaking so that you know
And understand I got the gift of speech
And it's a blessing
So listen to the lesson I preach
I talk sense condensed into the form of a poem
Full of knowledge from my toes to the top of my dome
I'm kinda young
But my tongue speaks maturity
I'm not a child
I don't need nothing for security
I get paid when my record is played to put it short
I got it made
I'm outspoken my language is broken into a slang
But it's just a dialect that I select when I hang
I play it cool 'cos cooling is all that I'm about
Just fooling with the girlies yes I'm busting it out
I'm Special Ed and you can tell by the style that I use
I'm creatively superior yo, I never lose
I never lost 'cos I'm the boss
I never will 'cos I'm still
The champion, chief one won't lose until
I choose
Which I won't 'cos I don't retreat
I'll run you over like a truck and leave you dead in the street
You're inviting me a titan to a battle, why
I don't need your respect 'cos
I got it made
I'm talented yes I'm gifted
Never boosted never shoplifted
I got the cash but money ain't nothin'
Make a million dollars every record that I cut
And my name is Special Ed and I'm a super duper star
Every other month
I get a brand new car
Got twenty that's plenty yet I still want more
Kind of fond of Honda scooters got seventy-four
I got the riches to fulfill my needs
Got land in the sand of the West Indies
Even got a little island of my very own
I got a frog a dog with a solid gold bone
An accountant to account the amount I spent
Got a treaty with Tahiti 'cos I own a percent
Got gear I wear for everyday
Boutiques from France to the U.S.A
And I make all the money from the rhymes I invent
So it really doesn't matter how much I spent
Because yo
I make fresh rhymes daily
You burn me
Think, just blink and I've made a million rhymes
Just imagine if you blinked a million times
Damn I'd be paid
I got it made
I'm kinda spoiled 'cos everything I want
I got made
I wanted gear got everything from cotton to suede
I wanted leg
I didn't beg I just got laid
My hair was growing too long so I got me a fade
And when my dishes got dirty
I got Cascade
And when the weather was hot
I got a spot in the shade
I'm wise because
I rise to the top of my grade
Wanted peace on Earth so to God I prayed
Some kids across town thought I was afraid
They couldn't harm me
I got the army brigade
I'm not a trader if what you got is greater
I'll trade
But maybe later 'cos my waiter made potato and alligator soufflé
I got it made

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