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Karaokê Which of the Pickwick Triplets Did It? - Only Murders in the Building (Steve Martin)

Esta música é uma versão de Which of the Pickwick Triplets Did It?, popularizada por Only Murders in the Building

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Tempo: variável (aproximadamente 129 BPM)

Tonalidade idêntica ao original: Sim, Sol♯m, Si, Dó, E♭, Sol, La♭, Lám, Si♭m, Dóm, Fá♯m

A música começa a capella

Duração: 02:49 - Visualizar: 01:52

Ano de lançamento: 2023
Estilos: Filmes e séries de TV, Em inglês

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Letra Which of the Pickwick Triplets Did It?

Three little babes in their bassinets
Angelic little triplets or triple threats
They might have fooled the others but they won't fool me
It's time to give these teething, seething three the third degree
Which of the Pickwick triplets did it
Who of the crew could commit this crime
Might a little brat make a mommy go splat
It's a story pretty gory for a nursery rhyme
Which of the Pickwick triplets did it
Which of the spawn had the brawn to kill
Will a baby get tried for matricide
Coochie-coochie-coo, time for you or you or you to admit it
So quick as a whip gotta pick which Pickwick triplet did it
Penelope in pink sure is making quite a stink
Is she trying to throw me off the scent
Though she bats her little eyes is she a killer in disguise
With a diaper full of criminal intent
Preening Patrick is pernicious with an appetite so vicious he would bite the hand that feeds him with a sneer
But could that rotten tot be behind this evil plot
Baby-stepping towards a murderous career
Pouty little Paco's looking coy but he's a bad, bad boy
Could Paco's passion prove apocalyptic
With his paci' and his rattle did this pisher go to battle
Proving he's the perp amidst this Pickwick triptych
In this picaresque puzzle of the Pickwick pack
Will a lighthouse shed some light
On which kid gave ol' mom a whack
There's an infant to indict
I'll book this little crook tonight
But which of the Pickwick triplets did it
Who of the crew could commit this crime
Which little brat made mommy go splat
Which crib, which sib will be doing hard time
Which of the Pickwick triplets did it
Which little putz had the guts to kill
Like a forensic pediatrician
I'll complete this inquisition
I will name the neonatal from the cradle that proved fatal
I will find the perpetrator who did murder to their maker
Or coochie-coochie-coo
What if none of it is true
Has my inspection been too cursory
Should I look outside this nursery
What if none of the
Pickwick triplets did it
Who'd have had a menacing motive and hid it
Who, who, who
Well, I pick you

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