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Karaokê Life Is...Too Short - Too Short

Esta música é uma versão de Life Is...Too Short, popularizada por Too Short

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Com coros (com ou sem vozes na versão KFN)

Tempo: variável (aproximadamente 88 BPM)

Tonalidade idêntica ao original: Fám

Duração: 04:36 - Visualizar: 01:18

Ano de lançamento: 1988
Estilos: Rap & Hip-Hop, Em inglês

Todos os arquivos disponíveis para download são playbacks, e não as músicas originais.

Letra Life Is...Too Short

I remember how it all began
I used to sing dirty raps to my Eastside fans
Back then I knew you couldn't stop this rap
No M.C. could rock like that
Then the new style came the bass got deeper
You gave up the mic and bought you a beeper
Do you wanna rap or sell coke
Brothers like you ain't never broke
People wanna say it's just my time
Brothers like me had to work for mine
Eight years on the mic and I'm not jokin'
Sir Too Short comin' straight from Oakland
California home of the rock
Eight woofers in the trunk beatin' down the block
Short Dog
I'm that rappin' man
I said it before and I'll say it again
Life is
Life is
Life is to some people unbearable
Committing suicide and that's terrible
Was it much too much or nothing big
If you live my life you'd be fightin' to live
Life is to me my main asset
I be doin' all right and keep it just like that
Chill out at the house and pump that bass
I'm tryin' to get rich as I rock the place
Everybody's got that same old dream
To have big money and fancy things
Drive a brand new Benz keep your bank right here
Never hear me stutter once 'cos I talk real clear
It's on you homeboy whatcha gonna do
You can take my advice and start workin' fool
Or you can close your ears and run your mouth
And one day homeboy ya soon find out
Life is
Life is
Life is too short would you agree
While I'm living my life don't mess with me
It's been a long time baby since I first got down
But I still keep makin' these funky sounds
'Cos I don't stop rappin' that's my theme
I make a lot of money do you know what I mean
Life is complicated you must stay up
You're asked a simple question boy don't say What
Ya only live once and ya callin' it hell
Policeman tryin' to take ya to jail
You could give a man time but you don't know
In a matter of time
I'll be runnin' the show
Now another young buck wants to be on top
Makin' big money slangin' hop
The task force tryin' to peel your cap
Turn around homeboy you better watch your back
Life is
Life is
You can take back all the things you give
But you can't take back the days you live
Life is to some people heaven on earth
Livin' every single day for what it's worth
I live my life just how I please
Satisfying one person
I know that's me
Work hard for the things
I achieve in life
And never rap fake when I'm on the mic
'Cos if a dream is all you got homeboy
You gotta turn that dream into the real McCoy
No time to waste just get on that case
Can't be down 'cos you need to taste a good life
Livin' like a king on a throne
Getting everything you want and trying to handle your own
It's your life don't be stupid though
'Cos when you waste it you'll know life is
Life is
Alright that's it

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